IJCAI’22 Industry Day

July 27, 2022 (09:00-12:00) Room: Schubert 3
Join Zoom Meeting: https://ntu-sg.zoom.us/j/89106074021

Organizational Details

Time (UTC+2)

09:00 – 09:05: Opening Address

09:05 – 09:30: ACM SIGAI, ACM SIGAI Industry Award Ceremony

09:30 – 10:00: Shanghai AI Industry Association (SAIA): Large-scale Vision Model: Towards the Next Generation of Automated Model Production
Speaker: Dr. Yu Liu
Affiliation: Senior Director, SenseTime Group Limited

10:00 – 10:30: Baidu: Open-Source Deep Learning Platform Accelerates Industrial Intelligence
Speaker: Dr. Yanjun Ma
Affiliation: General Manager, Baidu AI Platform & Ecosystem

10:30 – 10:45: Finvolution: Super Customer Representatives: Automatic and Supportive AI systems to Achieve Effectiveness and Efficiency in Call Centers
Speaker: Dr. ChunPing Wang
Affiliation: General Manager of AI, Finvolution

10:45 – 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 – 11:30: Huawei: Large scale AI: Challenges and Opportunities
Speaker: Dr. Bin Zhou
Affiliation: CTO, Ascend Computing Business, Huawei

11:30 – 11:45: JD: TeD-Q: a tensor network enhanced distributed hybrid quantum machine learning framework
Speaker: Dr. XingYao Wu
Affiliation: Research Scientist, JD Explore Academy