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On the Expressivity of Markov Reward (Extended Abstract)
David Abel, Will Dabney, Anna Harutyunyan, Mark Ho, Michael Littman, Doina Precup, Satinder Singh
Including Signed Languages in Natural Language Processing (Extended Abstract)
Malihe Alikhani, Kayo Yin
Allocating Opportunities in a Dynamic Model of Intergenerational Mobility (Extended Abstract)
Hoda Heidari, Jon Kleinberg
Open Data Science to fight COVID-19: Winning the 500k XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge (Extended Abstract)
Miguel Angel Lozano, Òscar Garibo-i-Orts, Eloy Piñol, Miguel Rebollo, Kristina Polotskaya, Miguel Ángel García-March, J. Alberto Conejero, Francisco Escolano, Nuria Oliver
Homeomorphic-Invariance of EM: Non-Asymptotic Convergence in KL Divergence for Exponential Families via Mirror Descent (Extended Abstract)
Frederik Kunstner, Raunak Kumar, Mark Schmidt
Utilizing Treewidth for Quantitative Reasoning on Epistemic Logic Programs (Extended Abstract)
Viktor Besin, Markus Hecher, Stefan Woltran
Combining Clause Learning and Branch and Bound for MaxSAT (Extended Abstract)
Chu-Min Li, Zhenxing Xu, Jordi Coll, Felip Manya, Djamal Habet, Kun He
Towards Facilitating Empathic Conversations in Online Mental Health Support: A Reinforcement Learning Approach (Extended Abstract)
Ashish Sharma, Inna Lin, Adam Miner, Dave Atkins, Tim Althoff
Scalable Anytime Planning for Multi-Agent MDPs (Extended Abstract)
Shushman Choudhury, Jayesh Gupta, Mykel Kochenderfer
Measuring data leakage in machine-learning models with Fisher information (Extended Abstract)
Awni Hannun, Chuan Guo, Laurens van der Maaten
Computing Programs for Generalized Planning as Heuristic Search (Extended Abstract)
Javier Segovia-Aguas, Sergio Jiménez Celorrio, Anders Jonsson
Black-box Audit of YouTube’s Video Recommendation: Investigation of Misinformation Filter Bubble Dynamics (Extended Abstract)
Matus Tomlein, Branislav Pecher, Jakub Simko, Ivan Srba, Robert Moro, Elena Stefancova, Michal Kompan, Andrea Hrckova, Juraj Podrouzek, Maria Bielikova
Statistically-Guided Deep Network Transformation to Harness Heterogeneity in Space (Extended Abstract)
Yiqun Xie, Erhu He, Xiaowei Jia, Han Bao, Xun Zhou, Rahul Ghosh, Praveen Ravirathinam
Deep Cooperation of CDCL and Local Search for SAT (Extended Abstract)
Shaowei Cai, Xindi Zhang
The Min-Max Complexity of Distributed Stochastic Convex Optimization with Intermittent Communication (Extended Abstract)
Blake Woodworth, Brian Bullins, Ohad Shamir, Nathan Srebro
Asymmetric Hybrids: Dialogues for Computational Concept Combination (Extended Abstract)
Guendalina Righetti, Daniele Porello, Nicolas Troquard, Oliver Kutz, Maria Hedblom, Pietro Galliani
Unbiased Gradient Estimation in Unrolled Computation Graphs with Persistent Evolution Strategies (Extended Abstract)
Paul Vicol, Luke Metz, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein
Capturing Homomorphism-Closed Decidable Queries with Existential Rules (Extended Abstract)
Camille Bourgaux, David Carral, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Michael Thomazo
Improving Inductive Link Prediction Using Hyper-Relational Facts (Extended Abstract)
Mehdi Ali, Max Berrendorf, Mikhail Galkin, Veronika Thost, Tengfei Ma, Volker Tresp, Jens Lehmann
Logic Rules Meet Deep Learning: A Novel Approach for Ship Type Classification (Extended Abstract)
Manolis Pitsikalis, Thanh-Toan Do, Alexei Lisitsa, Shan Luo
Detect, Understand, Act: A Neuro-Symbolic Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Framework (Extended Abstract)
Ludovico Mitchener, David Tuckey, Matthew Crosby, Alessandra Russo
Complex Query Answering with Neural Link Predictors (Extended Abstract)
Pasquale Minervini, Erik Arakelyan, Daniel Daza, Michael Cochez
Rx-refill Graph Neural Network to Reduce Drug Overprescribing Risks (Extended Abstract)
Jianfei Zhang, Ai-Te Kuo, Jianan Zhao, Qianlong Wen, Erin Winstanley, Chuxu Zhang, Yanfang Ye
Computationally Efficient Optimization of Plackett-Luce Ranking Models for Relevance and Fairness (Extended Abstract)
Harrie Oosterhuis
ProtoAI: Model-Informed Prototyping for AI-Powered Interfaces (Extended Abstract)
Hariharan Subramonyam, Colleen Seifert, Eytan Adar
Learning Discrete Representations via Constrained Clustering for Effective and Efficient Dense Retrieval (Extended Abstract)
Jingtao Zhan, Jiaxin Mao, Yiqun LIU, Jiafeng Guo, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma