COVID Regulations

We want to make this event as safe as possible for all participants. Many of us are fortunate to live in communities with high vaccine availability and sufficient immunity to significantly reduce the risk of severe outcomes, and our countries are lifting the pandemic restrictions. It is finally possible to have a true in-person event again, where we can talk to each other face to face, exchanging ideas also over a cup of coffee. This in-person interaction is fundamental to the scientific community at large, and particularly critical to younger researchers, whose scientific careers have been severely obstructed by the pandemic so far. However, we are fully aware that the pandemic is not over. A few of countries still impose quarantine on entry. For many people, whether there are official restrictions or not, COVID remains a threat. Importantly, not all members of the community can afford the same amount of risk to themselves and those around them.

Hence, to make this event as safe as possible, we have the following measures in place:

  • We require immunisation to attend the conference, as stated in the mandatory COVID disclaimer.
  • These requirements are additional to and independent of the entry regulations of the Austrian government. The validity of the vaccines is set based on the Austrian official guidelines (of January and April 2022).
  • We will implement all recommended mitigation measures for large indoor gatherings, including sanitisation of the facilities, air filtration and ventilation.  


You will need to wear an FFP2 mask during the conference (or an equivalent certified high-filtration mask, like N95 or KN95). You may remove the mask for your presentation, but we recommend that you only do so if the room is not crowded and the distance to the other participants is sufficient.   

FFP2 masks are also required on all means of public transportation within Vienna.

FFP2 masks can be purchased very cheaply in supermarkets and many other locations. In the pharmacies you can also buy certified washable FFP2 masks with a comfortable cotton surface. We have a small emergency reserve of masks at the registration desk.  


For everybody’s safety, please get tested. You can use the city’s unique free, painless gargle PCR testing system. Many hotels offer kits for taking a sample (ask if they offer “Gurgeltests”). If your hotel does not offer them, you can find the instructions for getting kits and doing the tests here:

If you register online before arrival to Vienna, you can pick up your test kits already on arrival (in a BIPA shop at the train station or the airport). You take your own gargle sample in a couple of minutes (using an online app) and drop it at a collection box; there are hundreds all over the city  (the samples are collected at 9:00 and 14:00). You will receive your electronic result within 24 hours (typically in the evening of the same day). 

If you need a rapid test:
– There is a private testing center at the entrance to the venue (12€ for a 15-minute antigen test; 25€ for PCR test, results on the same day if the test is done before 16:00).
– The city offers free testing; there is a testing facility located within 10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue (Ernst-Happel-Stadion, 2. Meiereistraße 7), but you need to first make an appointment here.  

  • Please do a test before coming to the venue: either a PCR test the day before or a rapid test on the same day. 
  • Test regularly during the conference; ideally, every second day, and at the least every third day. 
  • If you develop symptoms do not come to the venue and do a rapid antigen test immediately. 

If you test positive, you must quarantine in your hotel as soon as possible pursuant to the Austrian Health Regulations. Call the number 1450 for medical advice and additional support; the hotline is multilingual. For more tips and information, see
If you need additional help, you can contact us at This email address will be constantly monitored and if you send us your name and telephone number we can call you back. 

You can find information about the most important regulations on the webpages listed below. Please note that this information is likely to change until the conference date: