Modes of Participation

For large fragments of the IJCAI community physical travel is now possible,  and the pandemic-associated risks – greatly reduced by vaccination – have ceased to generally outweigh the advantages of the in-person interaction. Therefore, the conference committee choose to make IJCAI-ECAI an in-person conference. However, not everyone is able to attend. Therefore, IJCAI-ECAI-2022 has a limited virtual component to enable the participation of major sponsors  and of delegates who cannot travel pursuant to the Covid-19 regulations of their country of residence.

The in-person component of IJCAI-ECAI 2022 will operate as follows:

  • it will consist of in-person presentations; talks at IJCAI-ECAI 2022 will not be live streamed because the quality of the live-streaming cannot be guaranteed and because hybrid sessions are rarely a good experience;
  • the papers accepted to the main tracks of IJCAI, AI for Good, AI – Arts & Creativity, Survey, Demo, Journal,  and Sister Best Paper tracks can be divided into two subsets depending on whether they will be presented in person in Vienna, or not;
  • for the papers in these tracks to be presented in person in Vienna, there is both a talk and a poster;
  • the duration of the talks in Vienna is the same as in the video recorded for SlidesLive (6, 12 or 15 min) and there will be no Q&A at the end of these talks as there is an accompanying poster for these papers where discussions can take place;
  • the talks scheduled on Tuesday or Wednesday have posters on Tuesday, those scheduled on Thursday or Friday will have posters on Thursday; we recommend EU-size A1: 841 x 594 mm (23.4 x 33.1 in) or US-size (24 x 36 in) for posters;
  • the papers in the Early Career Track are handled in the same way as the other main tracks, except that there is no associated poster;
  • the schedule for all in person talks is available at

The virtual component of IJCAI-ECAI 2022 will operate as follows:

  • it will operate through the Whova app and will be available to all registered participants;
  • there will be access to all pre-recorded video’s for the presentations in the main tracks of IJCAI, AI for Good, AI – Arts & Creativity, Survey, Demo,  Journal, Early Career and Sister Best Paper track;
  • there will be neither online poster sessions nor online presentations;
  • the papers that are not presented in the in-person conference will be clustered into thematic topics; for each topic, there will be a suggested meeting time where registered authors and other registered persons can discuss the  papers and interact with the authors; the suggested meetings will be scheduled at 10 am, resp. 11 am (CET, Vienna), which corresponds to 4 pm, resp. 5 pm in (CST, Beijing); the schedule for these meetings will become available in the next week;
  • as there will be no online presentations attendees are assumed to watch the video’s of interest by themselves;
  • Whova provides for each thematic topic also a Q&A forum, where authors and  participants can interact via messages, and new thematic topics and meetings can be created by participants.

For workshop, doctoral consortium and diversity and inclusion talks and events, no support for interaction or access to pre-recorded video’s is foreseen. In case (registered) authors are unable to present, it is at the sole discretion of the event organisers to give them the opportunity to pre-record a short video and to project it during their event. All registered participants can communicate via the Whova app.