Doctoral Consortium Accepted Papers

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Engineering Socially-Oriented Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
Nieves Montes
Application of Neurosymbolic AI to Sequential Decision Making
Carlos Núñez-Molina
Building a Visual Semantics Aware Object Hierarchy
Xiaolei Diao
Dynamic Bandits with Temporal Structure
Qinyi Chen
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Multi-agent Systems for Artificial Intelligence applications and Data Analysis
Sante Dino Facchini
Anomaly Explanation
Véronne Yepmo
Extending Decision Tree to Handle Multiple Fairness Criteria
Alessandro Castelnovo
Towards New Optimized Artificial Immune Recognition Systems under the Belief Function Theory
Rihab Abdelkhalek
Diffusion Incentives in Cooperative Games
Yao Zhang
Hybrid Learning System for Large-scale Medical Image Analysis
Zehua Cheng
Early diagnosis of Lyme disease by recognizing Erythema Migrans skin lesion from images utilizing deep learning techniques
Sk Imran Hossain
Data-Efficient Algorithms and Neural Natural Language Processing: Applications in the Healthcare Domain
Heereen Shim
Automatic Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression, Voice, and Text
Hélène Tran
A Model-Oriented Approach for Lifting Symmetry-Breaking Constraints in Answer Set Programming
Alice Tarzariol
Multivariate times series classification using multichannel CNN
YongKyung Oh
Information injection to Deep Learning solutions in Knowledge Transfer
Paulina Tomaszewska
Transferability and Stability of Learning with Limited Labelled Data in Multilingual Text Document Classification
Branislav Pecher
Anchors Selection for Cross-lingual Embedding Alignment through Time
Filippo Pallucchini
Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Scheduling Methods for Large-Scale, Stochastic, Industrial Applications
Pierre Tassel
Decomposition Methods for Solving Scheduling Problem Using Answer Set Programming
Mohammed M. S. El-Kholany
A Unified Framework for Intrinsic Evaluation of Word-Embedding Algorithms
Anna Giabelli
Towards Contextually Sensitive Analysis of Memes: Meme Genealogy and Knowledge Base
Victoria Sherratt
KRAKEN: a novel semantic-based approach for keyphrases extraction
Simone D’Amico
Scalable ML methods to optimize KPIs in real-world manufacturing processes
Benjamin Kovács
Equilibria in Strategic Nominee Selection
Grzegorz Lisowski